N 54\' GSC Commonwealth Bulkhead Flatcar CBQ  #95245 & 95240

N 54' GSC Commonwealth Bulkhead Flatcar CBQ #95245 & 95240

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N 54' GSC Commonwealth Bulkhead Flatcar CBQ  #95245 & 95240

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy #95245 & 95240 (Boxcar Red)
Walthers Part # 932-28223, p. 62 Walthers 2014 N&Z Scale Reference
N scale

One of the most common of all flatcars, GSC "Commonwealth" 54' Flatcars have been in service since the 50s. Built around a large one-piece steel casting, the prototypes could handle a wide range of cargo and were often rebuilt for piggyback loading. In later years, they were fitted with bulkheads and handled loads such as lumber and pipe, and some lines added portable bunks for handling logs. These cars feature fine detailing, paint, graphics and come equipped with Accumate® magnetic knuckle couplers. Each includes a clear plastic case that's ideal for storage and transport. The cars come equipped with bulkheads as appropriate for each roadname.

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