H0 Slag Car Ready to Run (3pcs)

H0 Slag Car Ready to Run (3pcs)

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Gold Line(TM) Slag Car Ready to Run

Painted & Numbered 3-Pack (Different Numbers from Single Cars)

Ready for Service at Your Steel Mill

One of the biggest byproducts of steel production is slag or cinder, a lava-like material produced in blast furnaces and converters. Handled as a molten liquid in special ladles aboard purpose-built slag cars, its hauled from the furnaces to dumping areas. When cool, it's reclaimed for use by the construction industry. Big fleets of cars are needed to keep up, as a typical furnace produces a half ton of slag for every ton of pig iron. This upgraded model is typical of cars at operations large and small, and features a separate ladle, details to simulate the dump mechanism, trucks with RP-25 metal wheels and PROTO-Max(TM) knuckle couplers.

Walthers Part # 932-3143, p. 158 Walthers 2010

HO Scale Reference HO scale

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