H0 Single Acorn Streetlight

H0 Single Acorn Streetlight

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Cornerstone Series Built-ups Working Streetlight

Single Acorn Streetlight

Light Up Your HO Scale World With These Street Lamps
The last rays of sunlight fill the western sky and one-by-one, street lamps wink on. From the 1890s to the present, lamps like these have illuminated busy boulevards, quiet residential areas and city streets.
Shed some light on your layout with this series of assembled, working models! Typical of lamps found all over America, they're available in various different styles that are perfect for period scenes, although many are still in service today.
Each fully assembled lamp is made of durable metal and plastic to withstand layout service, and a unique socket mount makes them easy to add to new or existing scenes. Just drill a mounting hole, insert the pre-wired socket, attach its wires to your power pack and plug in your lamp to animate any street. The universal sockets accept all of the socket-style lamps; platform lights and wall-mount lamps come prewired for permanent mounting. An optional manhole cover is included with each socket-style lamp so sockets can be covered when necessary.

This Acorn-Style Working Street Lamp is perfect for post-1920s streets. Each features durable metal and plastic parts and is compatible with other Cornerstone Series pin-socket mounted street lamps.

Walthers Part # 933-2313, p. 774 Walthers 2010

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