H0 Magnetkupplungen - Magnetic Knuckle Standard Type Couplers 8e

H0 Magnetkupplungen - Magnetic Knuckle Standard Type Couplers 8e

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Proto MAX(TM) Magnetic Knuckle Couplers

Standard Type 4 Pair (Enough for 4 Cars)


Reliable All-Metal Knuckle Couplers for Your Fleet

* All-New Design * Tough Die Cast Head & Shank * Fits Most HO Equipment * Fully Assembled - Ready to Install * Separate Metal Centering Spring * Separate Plastic Draft Gear Box * Realistic Appearance * Magnetic Uncoupling Action * Fits most HO Freight & Passenger Cars

An ideal choice for HO locos and cars, Proto MAX couplers feature a durable die cast metal knuckle and shank that's perfect for everything from switching to long, heavy unit trains. The couplers come with heads fully assembled complete with knuckle springs. They're easily installed with the supplied centering spring in your car's existing coupler box. Separate draft gear boxes are also included in the package.

Walthers Part # 920-6001, p. 243 Walthers 2010

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