H0 Industrial District

H0 Industrial District

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Instant Buildings

Industrial District Tallest Building: 7" 17.5cm, Longest: 15" 37.5cm

Walthers Part # 949-724, p. 310 Walthers 2010 HO Scale Reference

HO scale

Put more scenery in less space combining Instant Buildings with Instant Horizons. These printed buildings fit between actual structures and scenes, smoothing the transition from foreground to backdrop. Where space is limited, or to hide seams, glue Instant Buildings on the scene. For a 3-D effect, arrange Instant Buildings in tiers and elevate structures at the rear to add depth. Or mount the buildings on a sheet of styrofoam and cut out small angles and openings using a hot wire cutter. For a quick change photo backdrop, or more layout variety, assemble Instant Buildings but don't glue them in place. The scene can be changed over and over again. Easy to use, they can be mixed and matched to create a unique background for your layout or module. Each includes complete instructions. (Some sets include additional details, not illustrated.)


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