H0 Difco Dump Car - Denver & Rio Grande Western(TM)

H0 Difco Dump Car - Denver & Rio Grande Western(TM)

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Gold Line(TM) Difco(R) Dump Car Ready to Run

Denver & Rio Grande Western(TM)

Walthers Part # 932-7909, p. 165 Walthers 2010

HO Scale Reference HO scale

Ideal for Your Railroad's Work Trains

These very distinctive cars are the railroad equivalent of a dump truck. Designed to carry up to 100 tons, the prototypes are fitted with large pneumatic cylinders and side doors, and can dump to the left or right of the tracks. While used primarily in work train service for dumping ballast, fill and rip rap, they can also be used in revenue service to carry sand, gravel, cinders, coal, limestone and other loose bulk materials used in industry.
This HO Scale model comes fully assembled and includes a complete set of add-on wire grab irons; molded drill starter points on the body simplify installation. Proto MAX(TM) all-metal knuckle couplers and free-rolling trucks with RP-25 metal wheelsets round out each car.


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