H0 Bausatz - 52\'6\" Drop End Mill Gondola, Gears - SLSF #61680

H0 Bausatz - 52'6" Drop End Mill Gondola, Gears - SLSF #61680

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PROTO 2000 52'6" Drop End Mill Gondola w/Load - Time-Saver Kit(R)

St Louis, San Francisco #61680 w/Large Gears

Walthers Part # 920-54094, p. 173 Walthers 2010

HO Scale Reference HO scale

Perfect for Manifest or Mill Service

* New Roadnames & Roadnumbers
* Realistic Load Included
* 2 Different Numbers for Each Scheme
* Scale Size Handrails & Grab Irons
* Correct Weight for Optimum Operation
* Correct Trucks
* Metal RP-25 Wheels
* PROTO-Max Die Cast Knuckle Couplers
Introduced in 1940, these 70-ton capacity cars were designed to haul structural steel, and had drop ends to accommodate loads exceeding the interior length. In service, the cars were put to work handling steel, machinery, pipe, lumber, auto frames, coal, stone and similar loads. Gons led hard lives, but some remained in service until the 1980s. A great addition to your freight car fleet, the models include a realistic load, formed and painted wire grab irons, preassembled underbody detail and screw-mount coupler pocket covers. Like the prototype, the ends can be positioned up or down.


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