H0 AAR 53 Ft 6 In Flat Car - Northern Pacific #62055

H0 AAR 53 Ft 6 In Flat Car - Northern Pacific #62055

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PROTO 2000 AAR 53 Ft 6 In Flat Car w/Load - Ready to Run

Northern Pacific #62055 w/Wagon Boxes & Frames

Detailed Cars with Realistic Loads

* New Roadnames & Roadnumbers
* Realistic Load Included
* 2 Different Numbers for Each Scheme
* Scale Size Handrails & Grab Irons
* Correct Weight for Optimum Operation
* Correct Trucks
* Metal RP-25 Wheels
* PROTO-Max Die Cast Knuckle Couplers
Based on the AAR standard design first submitted in 1941, cars of this type remained in revenue service into the 1980s and can still be found in maintenance service today. A fast and easy way to make your freight trains more realistic, each features authentic paint and lettering, a realistic deck, and an authentic load with appropriate blocking, strapping and tiedowns. Kits can be assembled in about an hour; all models include appropriate weights, detailed PROTO 2000 trucks with metal RP-25 wheels, separate grab irons and PROTO-Max die cast knuckle couplers.

Walthers Part # 920-54550

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