H0 61\' Wood Chip Gondola - CSX #451068

H0 61' Wood Chip Gondola - CSX #451068

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Gold Line(TM) 61' Wood Chip Gondola Ready to Run Single Car

CSX #451068

Paper Industry Favorites

* Ready to Run
* New Roadnumbers & Roadname
* Correct Trucks w/RP-25 Metal Wheels
* PROTO-Max Metal Knuckle Couplers
* Authentic Paint, Colors & Lettering
* Three Roadnumbers Per Roadname
Although they are one of the lightest loads carried by rail, they require one of the biggest cars! Wood chips are big business for today's saw mills and lumber operations. Once burned as scrap or fuel-on-site, these by-products of the lumber industry are purchased by paper companies and used to make paper.
Walthers wood chip gondolas are faithful reproductions of cars in service since the 1960s. It's easy to build a fleet because they come fully assembled, prepainted and lettered and ready for service on your railroad. As Gold Line cars they feature detailed bodies and come equipped with appropriate trucks, metal wheelsets and all-metal PROTO Max(TM) magnetic knuckle couplers.

Walthers Part # 932-4073, p. 164 Walthers 2010

HO Scale Reference HO scale

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