H0 60\' Single-Door Auto Parts Box Car - BNSF

H0 60' Single-Door Auto Parts Box Car - BNSF

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Gold Line(TM) Pullman-Standard 60' Single-Door Auto Parts Box Car RTR


Walthers Part # 932-35513, p. 159 Walthers 2010

HO Scale Reference HO scale

Faced with increasing numbers of parts and expensive shipping systems, auto makers approached freight car builders in the early 1960s about creating a universal box car for heavy parts. The basic design evolved into a smooth-side, interior post car, where load restraints could be mounted. Heavier castings such as brake drums, engine blocks, transmissions and so on are carried in special baskets, designed for easy unloading/loading with forklifts. The large single door provides easy access to the interior. These cars can still be seen moving in priority trains to and from America's auto assembly plants.
This HO Scale Gold Line freight car comes fully assembled and includes a complete set of add-on wire grab irons; molded drill starter points on the body simplify installation. Working knuckle couplers and free-rolling trucks with RP-25 metal wheelsets round out each car.
*Revised Tooling

*Great for Post-60s Layouts

*New Roadnames and Roadnumbers

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