Brille - IlluminEyes LED Lighted Eyeglasses - 3.0 Magnification

Brille - IlluminEyes LED Lighted Eyeglasses - 3.0 Magnification

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IlluminEyes LED Lighted Eyeglasses, Black Frameless

3.0 Magnification

Handle dark places and small parts with ease with a pair of IlluminEyes in your hobby tool set. Perfect for all kinds of modeling, crafts and indoor or outdoor chores, these handy magnifiers are also great for reading in low light areas, such as trains, restaurants and more.
Durable and lightweight, the frameless magnifier is worn like regular glasses, and the built-in, battery powered LEDs can be switched on or off to put bright, clear light right where you need it most.
Five different levels of magnification are available, ranging from 0.0 to 3.0. Each unit is ready to use and comes with batteries that will provide up to 30 hours of lighting. A handy storage case (#508-12990) is also available separately to protect your IlluminEyes between jobs.

Walthers Part # 508-12030

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